5 steps to creating the image you want in sales

In sales when a potential client/prospect meets you he will decide in 3 minutes whether he likes you enough to continue the conversation. Sales are about building relationships. People buy from you because they like you and trust you and part of that is how they see your image as you represent the product you are selling. Most of our success is to get along with other people and the quality of our relationships. The prospect wants to know you have authority, professionalism and high standards. Style is important because not only does it make a difference to people’s perception of you but it alters how you feel about yourself. Studies have shown that on meeting a person, they are judged 55% on appearance, 38% body language, and only 7% on the words they say.
We are all different and we will have an individual style, even when you wear a uniform the individual style comes out in some way it may be the hair, our stance or the way we hold ourselves. It’s about getting the respect and power showing that you are able to influence and have confidence.
There are 5 criteria to look at when deciding which image is appropriate for you to get the best results:

1. Who is my Avatar/prospect/client?
2. Who do I need to be so I reflect the product I am selling?
3. What is the character I am playing to get this avatar/prospect/client to relate to me?
4. How will I build rapport with this prospect?
5. What research do I need to do before visiting this prospect so I may reflect all of the above?

Once you have answered these questions you may go ahead and decide how to dress and what image you will portray. By dressing for success you have taken the first step towards becoming a success. Style comes from within we all have our innate way that we want the world to see us. This is great if your style is congruent with your market. If your love piecing, tattoos and quirky clothing. Then you need to decide whether you are living congruently with your purpose.
Go ahead look at your wardrobe are you dressing to get the results you want and to be seen as an expert in your field. Is it in line with your Prospect?

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