Today I heard a great story about Ants and their 4 part philosophy as I read through I thought to myself that we could learn some important lessons from these tiny creatures.

  1. Ants never quit If they’re headed somewhere and you try to stop them they will look the other way. They will climb over, under or around. They keep looking for another way.
    Lesson: To always look for another way to get to where you want to go, never give up.
    Lesson: It’s important to be realistic. Think ahead.
  2. Ants think summer all winter. They remind themselves that the winter will not last; we’ll soon be out of here. First warm day they’re out. If it gets cold they dive down again the next warm day they are out again.
    Lesson: Stay positive at all times.
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  4. All that you possibly can. How much will the ant gather for during the summer for winter? All he possibly can!!
    Lesson: Do all you can…and more!!!

So when we sum up the 4 part Philosophy

  1. Never give up
  2. Look Ahead
  3. Do all you can?

"Don’t be encumbered by history go out and do something wonderful". Robert Noyce.
So when you read this what can you take from this story, what changes can you make to your mindset, day to day things you do, how will you make a positive change to allow this philosophy to start to work for you?
There are many questions in that last sentence. What is important is that you think about the ants, their philosophy and that we should learn from all creatures’ great and small.

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