Are Your People On The Bus Or Off The Bus?

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Who do you want on your bus and are they are in the right seat?

In 2013 and beyond retail will face the most exciting and challenging of times in retail; whether you remain in business will depend on what you do to innovate and create a retail strategy that matches branding and a customer service strategy that is a driving force focused on customer centricity.

Trained sales professionals will be your most important assets. It is widely known that sales people who are treated well and with respected will treat their customers well and go out of their way to give them the best customer service possible.

Having the right people who are trained and understand how to convert into sales is the key element to a successful retail business. It is no longer enough to have just product knowledge; all salespeople must know how to communicate with the customer using their preferred communication style.

You must only have the best people on your team. Many people still have money to spend; they have more knowledge than ever before, they just want to have salespeople that can give them an extraordinary shopping experience.

Assess all of the people on your team in every department not just sales and answer these questions:

  1. Do they compliment the overall team and have the necessary strengths?
  2. Do they add value to the leader and the business?
  3. Do they have a positive impact on the team?
  4. Do they have the right attitude that will move the business forward?

This is a great place to start because successful leaders must surround themselves with people that have great qualities that will help the leader and the business move forward.

Once you have completed this with every staff member the following exercise must be completed “Who is on the bus and are they in the right seat?”. Please email me at and I will send you the template and instructions on how to complete this exercise. This is a powerful exercise to ensure you have the right people in the right position in your business. It will also help to recognize the training needs of the individual.

If you want to know the difference between a “manager and a leader” engage me, Penny Votzourakis, to come and speak in your business. Email for more information.

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