"Happy Wife, Happy Life"

No I haven’t gone mad. My business is retail. What if we change that to "Happy Staff, Happy Clients"? Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound so good, though it is great for business. There has been a long held belief that the customer was the most important person in your business. Yes, I get it "nothing happens till the sale is made". What about if I said to you there will be no sale unless your staff are happy? Customers are not the retailer’s first priority, staff must be. The staff are the face of the business; they are the ones that build customer loyalty. All staff must be treated like high performers and they will be. Relate well to your staff and they will relate well to your customers and clients. "Staff are the heart and soul of the business."

So whether you area staff member, owner, manager or supervisor, how can you make a difference to the people you work with? As of now start to treat each individual as the most important person in the world and let me know what changes you see.

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