Life’s Purpose

Do you just go through life with no purpose? just get out of bed hope the day turns out okay nobody bothers you. Get home if it’s been an easy day it’s been a good day, dinner, watch some TV and go to bed then start the day over the next morning.
Well you would be like most people.
Could your life be better if there was a purpose a reason you got out of bed, went to work at a place of your choice and throughout the day you were full filling your life’s purpose. How much self-satisfaction would you feel, because you knew there was a difference to be made?
What does it mean to have life purpose, it’s the reason you exist, you have clarity you make a difference and you leave the world a better place. Give it a try:
Take a sheet of paper, put a heading MY LIFE PURPOSE, Why were you put on this earth? (apart from to make your parents life hell)What difference can you make?
Write the first 3 things that come into your mind, sit with them how do they make you feel, are you emotional, do they make you feel good deep down inside, do you feel like crying? If not start again (unless you’re not the emotional type and you quite like what you’ve written).
Would love to know how you go.

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Thursday October 11, 2012 at 7:45 am ⋅ penny
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