What is the secret of service that keeps us coming back for more?

On that same weekend in Beechworth (refer last week’s BLOG) we had heard about these great restaurants. So we decided that we would dine out both Saturday and Sunday night. The dinner experience on Saturday night was unforgettable; it had everything the great waiter (owner), fantastic food. A great experience overall!

On the Sunday night we headed towards our restaurant. The waiter greeted us, sat us down, our napkins weren’t put on our laps (sign of a good restaurant and this one was not cheap). When he asked me for a pre dinner drink I asked what he recommended I felt like something warming, none of the options he presented took my fancy. So he left and didn’t even ask George (my husband) what he wanted to drink. Wow did he feel unimportant.

Throughout the night this waiter was pleasant, robotic and did his job. It turned out to be a nice night spent with my gorgeous family but was it an experience – NO! So as we passed over a significant amount of money for an experience that did not match.

So when I started thinking about it the Saturday night, it was about the passion the small touches the little hints of our waiters family life and her children’s likes, she made not only George and I feel special but also the girls. As we laughed, shared stories I felt that we were having dinner with friends, not a stranger’s restaurant.

We hang out with people that are like us that have the same passion as we do…

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