When Time Is of the Essence!

What a difference in service standards when you leave mainland Greece and come to the islands. We are in Santorini and this island is geared for tourists and the service standards have risen 1000%. They know they have 5 months to make their money ch has to last the year. They actually smile! They attempt to help you and do whatever is necessary to get the sale. Sometimes to the point where they get pushy!

The best service I had received was in a jewellery store called PONIROS (meaning sly), he was able to get me into the store try on the piece I had admired, gave me the credibility of the designer through magazine articles and how their business was the place to purchase. He made sure that I had all the features and benefits covered before he even mentioned the price; he wanted me to fully understand the value.
He knew I would not make a decision immediately so he even suggested he would give me information on the island and where to eat when I came back to purchase. (Very sleek). Every time I went past he would greet me remembering my name. Santorini is small so it was hard to avoid his store. Even though I will not be purchasing that piece of jewellery. I admired his salesmanship and I’m sure it will be a good summer for this business.
When time is of the essence these people need to work hard for their money!!!!

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