Dear retailer….

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Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.35.02 pmDear Retailer,

Just in case you wanted to know how I feel!

I visit your store once a week most weeks of the year to buy my coffee beans. Sometimes I come with my husband, sometimes without, and sometimes he shops alone. By now you should know us since we have shopped with you regularly for the past six years.

You don’t always serve us – and you have a revolving door of staff – but some sort of acknowledgement would be nice. This has bugged me for a while. This week when you actually served me, you could have asked me how my new year was, or if I went on holidays. I get it – you probably don’t actually care, though it would be nice to think that you care enough about people. That’s why you are in the business of serving people.

When I am shopping and spending my hard earned money, I would like to see some sort of passion about what you sell, especially when it is such a beautiful product as coffee beans from all over the world – colour, texture, smell. It covers all the senses. I just want something!

This week I felt really annoyed that you are a monopoly at the market. I can’t even buy elsewhere because I like the variety you have. I like to buy a different coffee each week. I don’t understand why that wouldn’t excite you. Here you have someone who is willing to try something different, and you have the chance to show your passion for coffee and the different distinctive flavours from around the world.

It’s really quite simple. I don’t ask for much. All I want from you is a smile and a hello. Ask me about my morning, day, or week. You see I want to feel like I am welcome and significant, and that you are happy that I stopped by because without me you don’t have a business.

I often wonder if you ever had the passion for coffee and retail, or are you just jaded as many retailers are? I know there is a beautiful smile and warmth hiding in there. If that passion is somewhere in there, I would love to see it again.

Kind Regards

Passionate coffee drinker.

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Written by  Penny Votzourakis.

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