I read something today that was interesting and I wanted to share. If you read 1 hour per day studying and making permanent notes. This is 250 hours per year and 1250 hours over 5 years, this would make you an expert in your field. What a great habit to start. So just think if we had some other great habits how would they pay off? Could you show up early for work instead of sleeping late?, Could you be exercising each morning to get a fit mind and body, learning about the product you sell, Role play with your fellow team-members? Learning information that you may need in the future?
The more knowledge we have the more empowered we feel, the more empowered we feel the more success we will achieve. Go that extra mile. I challenge you to take one hour per day and read a topic that is either relevant to current career or something you would like to be doing in the future.
Happy reading!!!

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Thursday October 11, 2012 at 7:49 am ⋅ penny
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