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Whilst in Chang Mai, the hotel staff at Le Meridien recommended I try a unique restaurant called Khaomao-Khaofang. Many of their other guests speak very highly of the place, and they thought I would enjoy it as well. Khaomao-Khaofang boasts an authentic jungle-themed restaurant both inside and out, fully surrounded by lush, green trees and cascading waterfalls. The beautiful, relaxing environment both met and exceeded my expectations!

However, this is not another post about exemplary customer service or good food. Rather, this post is about creating a memorable experience through surroundings alone. Creating a good environment is all about the small details that can create a strong talking point and a memorable experience for customers and patrons.

Take the following images from Khaomao-Khaofang as an example:

chang mai restaurant 2


retaurant chang mai 1

I was impressed with the tranquil waterfalls that flowed through the restaurant. The special focus on details, such as the various trees and greenery, granted peaceful surroundings as I ate my dinner. By the time I was finished with my meal, I knew I had just had a good experience. It was nothing more, nothing less; just a nice dinner. However, as I visited the restroom on my way out, Khaomao-Khaofang left an even bolder, longer-lasting impression.

It’s clear that the people of Khaomao-Khaofang have spent a considerable amount of time and money on the creation of their jungle theme. But while most businesses would have stopped after achieving such a beautiful dining atmosphere, Khaomao-Khaofang went above and beyond what was expected.

When I entered the area where the toilets were situated, the quirky accompanying signage left a smile on my face (pictured below). And then imagine my surprise when I entered the toilet and was greeted by even more greenery, logs and trees! But wait, it gets even better still! The hand basins were made from rock and water poured from the faucet like a waterfall. Even the hand basins and wash facilities were part of the jungle theme, too!

Now this was a talking point! When I arrived back at my hotel to meet up with my friends and talk about the restaurant, I couldn’t help but gush about the wonderful ambiance and attention to detail. “It was amazing!” I chattered happily. “Khaomao-Khaofang had great surroundings, good food and nice service, but you have to see the photos of the bathroom!” (Yes, I took photos of the bathroom). My comments encouraged one of my friends take out his phone and show me a few of the bathrooms he had visited himself; one being Brighton Baths in Brighton, Melbourne with TVs in the urinal (though I’m not sure about that one!). The interesting bathroom at Khaomao-Khaofang became a big talking point and was definitely something to remember the experience by!


IMG_0921   Love the signage nothing simple about this.

IMG_0913   Theme continued in the toilet…

IMG_0918   and the hand basins…


 Takeaways to put into action:

1. Create a talking point so that people will tweet about it, mention it on Facebook, and use social media in general to talk about your business. Remember, you want them to become raving fans.

2. What is your USP? What makes you different?

3. Customers become jaded with the same old, same old. How can you create an experience for the customer?

I know that all of the above points have the same general idea; they’re just phrased differently. Whichever way you choose to articulate it for yourself, people in today’s world just want to have extraordinary experiences. Remember Steve Jobs’ famous saying: “Think different.”

For more information, please log on to http://www.khaomaokhaofang.com/new/home.php. If you’re in Chang Mai, be sure to visit Khaomao-khaofang. You will be glad you did!

Some pictures courtesy of Khaomao-khaofang restaurant.

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