About Us


Welcome – I’m Penny Votzourakis (I know a bit hard to pronounce so call me Penny V – all my friends do!)

My goal is to help your team be effective communicators. I will add more value to your business than you ever dreamed possible, by giving you all the tools and systems to increase sales.


Because People buy People; it’s a fact that “people buy because they like, trust and they want to be like you”. So the reality is every person on your team has the power to either make your business a success or failure. Pretty scary when you think about it like that! Right?

With over two decades of senior management experience and hands on experience in retail, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve invested in my education. I’ve studied, researched, written and created video, audio programs and training programs specialising in communication style, preference and Human Behaviour. And I want to share all my experience and learnings with you and your team.

 No 1 fact: I consistently increase sales and profit of all type of teams and, in some cases, I have helped them to more than double sales in every business I have worked with. I get these results because I am a great communicator and I love people – so whether I am talking to staff or customers they feel special and I inspire them to achieve and get the results they want. I believe life is about fun, not taking yourself seriously and working at being the best version of you. So if you and your team are serious and boring then we can’t play (sorry!)

I believe your people are your most valuable asset. (And you that too). That’s why you want to invest in them: Invest in their education, invest in their happiness and their dreams. This, I promise you, will have a positive impact on your business. It is widely known that salespeople who are treated well and respected will treat their customers well, go out of their way and give them the best customer service ever.

I believe that customer service strategy must be aligned with brand strategy. People buy using emotion and justify it later. This is all unconscious so the customer service must be consistent throughout the experience for the customer.

I’ve travelled the world studying customer service and have seen too many businesses giving average or no customer service and giving salespeople a bad rap. I know together we can change that perception to a better one.

I know how to deliver the most innovative and highest quality customer service training in the industry.

That’s because I care about you and your business and I am committed to get you the results and making learning fun. Want to talk more? I promise I’ll listen!!!

Whenever I have information to share that I know you will love and use to increase your sales, my subscribers will be the first to know.

I’ve overcome many challenges and I am continually learning which means I am at the leading edge of customer service training – so my commitment to you is: I will keep learning, growing and giving you everything you need to help your team be one of those success stories you read about.

So if you want to join in the customer service uprising you can help me to eliminate bad customer service forever. Call me on 0418447413 or email me on penny@pennyv.com.au

Here’s to happy staff, happy customers and increased sales.