Ego Is A Dirty Word In Sales…

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Have you ever been shopping and found the salesperson to be polite, nice, and knowledgeable, yet possess an air of arrogance and condescension?

All salespeople should have good product knowledge skills, but today we came across a watch salesperson who spoke to us using the acronym ETA for the company that makes watch movements. When salespeople use acronyms and jargon, they immediately lose rapport with the customer and can come across as arrogant.

Humans operate on many levels, so when the salesperson uses unfamiliar jargon and acronyms, customers feel stupid and become uncertain. This is the complete opposite of what patrons should feel if you want them to purchase a product.

The customer buys using the limbic part of the brain, which causes them to buy with emotion that is justified later. The goal is to make customers feel significant, which gives them certainty and growth. A salesperson should educate customers on the goods to be purchased, making them feel knowledgeable. This also gives the patrons certainty because they know you, without being condescending, are the expert. They will trust you, like you, and buy from you.

So remember, next time your ego gets in the way and you to want to outsmart the customer in order to feel superior, you are more likely to lose the sale!!!




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