Fear Is A Dirty Word

Having fear distracts us from achieving our greatest achievements because we play it safe.
Our 3 fears are not being loved, not being good enough or not belonging.
I know you are wondering, How does this relate to sales?
We won’t Greet and Approach customers because he have a fear of not being loved and being rejected.
We will avoid asking the closing question for fear of not being good enough believing they will not buy from you.
We won’t step up in the store when there is an opportunity to shine because of the fear of not belonging.
If any of these resonated with you, take a different road and act.
Have the certainty to make a choice.
Find the courage to Greet/Approach every customer who enters your store.
Know you have the passion and knowledge in your product and you have answered all their objections to ask the closing question confidently.
Have all the certainty that you have all the resources within to step up.

Your customer wants to pay you more!
10 easy ways to turn up your care factor to effortlessly increase your sales.

Thursday October 11, 2012 at 7:53 am ⋅ penny
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