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Last week I spoke about The Law Of Social Proof from Robert Cialdini’s 6 weapons of Influence. This week we move onto The Law Of Authority – People will always purchase from the trusted authority and expert.

You have an appointment with a Financial planner, he is meeting you at your home. He turns up in an older model car, which has not been maintained. He walks in with a crumpled cheap suit and shoes that are not polished. Would you buy a financial product from this salesperson?

If you said No you are not alone; 95% of people would not either. When people are shopping for financial products or as a matter of fact any product they want to see success. They want to see a person that is well dressed well kept and is confident has all the relevant information that is required. The client wants to see the expert standing in front of them.

Over the last 10 years you may have seen many commercials from the company Brand Power they use celebrities or experts for their commercials.By having the expert sell the product the customer immediately feels they are in safe hands and is making the right decision, you make that decision on an emotional level. They don’t even question it.

It is found that when someone has some form of authority makes requests the recipient of that request will go out of their way to do what has been requested. It could be a judge, professor, commissioner or doctor. The other kind of authority trigger is clothing for example police uniform, priestly black, army green, hospital white. Have you ever noticed that in health product commercials that they will have someone in a white lab coat. Dentists promoting toothpaste is a great example because 9 out of 10 dentist recommend Colgate. Really, who said? People follow credible knowledgeable experts.

There are many ways the authority trigger can be used successfully in retail:

1. Train all the sales professionals in product knowledge, policies, procedures and the story behind the company.

2. Know which is the best product to buy or what is the fashion statement of the moment or best look for body shape etc.

3. Have an expert or celebrity promote your product.

4. Have your colleaugues present you as the expert  and mention your credentials when introducing you or on the phone.

5. Attend trade events or showings and give talks as the expert.

6. Be so good at what you do, that your clients become you raving fans and  tell whom ever will listen about you and your business.

7. Use social media to be seen as the expert and the one people want to listen to.

In retail to increase your sales you must be seen as the trusted advisor. This means people will be willing to purchase more from you because the client not only trusts you, they also believe you have the knowledge to help them solve their problem.

How many other ways can you think of to be seen as the trusted expert?


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