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Billboard meets vending machine; a fun way for the company, Kate Spade, to get exposure for their new weekend-wear line called “Saturday”.  It wants to leave a good first impression of being a tech-savvy retailer. Kate Spade Saturday’s touch screens will be active across 4 locations from June 8 to July 7 in NYC.

They have launched  stores in Tokyo, they also launched their online business in March with American brick and mortar stores to be launched eventually. It’s not a walk in store.  What they have done is partnered with eBay to install four touchscreen storefronts with 30 products (more available on-line) that you can purchase through their touchscreen. Payment is through PayPal and it can be delivered via courier in one hour.  The touch-screen system, which will be active 24 hours a day, makes the most of minimal retail space. These are products that would normally require over 10,000 square feet of retail space; think about the exorbitant rent you would be saving.

 Steve Yankovic, vice president of innovation and new ventures at eBay Inc. was quoted saying, “With Kate Spade Saturday we are demonstrating how you can extend the boundary of the store; we are taking the best of online technology offline to make the island of Manhattan shoppable through interactive glass.”

 The Kate Spade Saturday shop fronts are designed to be noticed by passersby. You can’t miss the yellow façade with the bells and whistles as shoppers go by. They have used a DynaScan monitor on the touch screen, which is bright enough to compete with sunlight, which is even more of a total attention-grabber at night.

Touch technology, mobile, warehouse logistics, delivery and mobile payments — that’s all eBay. The products are Kate’s. Here’s a great way for an industry, which is known to be low tech, to do something that is innovative, and can incorporate technology into the in-store experience. It’s a great way for retailers to test the market without having to set up a brick and mortar store.

 This concept is a thriving trend in Europe and there are many larger retailers’ stores looking into the technology of digital shop fronts. Could we be seeing this technology in Australia?

Go to where there’s a video for you to check out the ‘Saturday’ concept, courtesy of Lauren Indvik @laureni. She also chats with Healy Cypher, Head of retail innovation at eBay and Kyle Andrews, Senior Vice President of marketing at Kate Spade Saturday.

Photo courtesy of kate Spade.

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