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The inspiration begins….


Loved this little sign.


Lots of leather


The kids are catered for as well


What to choose


Theres more on level one


View from above.


Bedding and more.


Two levels of style.


Love Adam from the products are very clever. Check him out.


Paper meets beauty.


Lots of jewellery and scarves to choose from.


How many Saturdays till Christmas?

Last week in July saw the opening “Life In Style-Meet Your Makers”. This is the second time I have visited this show, and I found it inspiring as I chatted to creatives who are living their dream, who are new to business, or who have been in business for many years.

This is a well organised show that I would recommend to any retailer looking at product. It’s easy to get around, and it’s more about bespoke products than mass produced.
Two things I looked at as I walked around: product, and how the sellers presented themselves. This platform was not only a place to sell one’s wares, but it was a place to be one’s brand. However, there were very few sellers who even looked up from their computers to acknowledge me. Some just stared as I walked past (Okay, so they were probably wondering why I had a camera round my neck). It is no longer enough to just create a product and take it to market. You need to be good at customer service as well. You must create interest in your products. They just don’t sell themselves. There were only two suppliers who I was compelled to stop and look at their product because they looked at me and smiled. In saying that I thought the product offering in general was excellent.

As I oohed and aaahed over some of the products, I wondered who was stocking them. When I go out shopping, I seem to see the same boring stock over and over.

Retailers, it’s time to invest in some interesting items for your stores. If you didn’t go to the show this year, make sure you mark the dates in your diary for next year.


Kids in style.


Kids clothing and toys.


Its not only for the adults there is kids too.


Soaps and more.


TigerRoy great products for kids.




This will be my last post under Global Retail Daily. I believe in and love change (yes, I get bored easily), and I have decided to rebrand and go from three websites (I know – a bit excessive) to one. I will no longer go under the name of Kyron Group. I have decided to use my own name. I will use PennyV – because nobody can pronounce Votzourakis.

I will still be blogging weekly and showing small business how to really WOW their clients with great customer service skills.

See you in a little while….

Written and photographed by Penny Votzourakis.

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