“I consider Penny Votzourakis as Australia’s “Mary Porteous , Queen of Shops”. Penny Votzourakis made an invaluable contribution to our bike shops. We had 2 shops in major strip shop centres.

 Penny quickly went into both shops, identified our staffing problems, shop presentation and process failures. She immediately instigated a training programme with our sales staff. The training programme focused on the client experience and her simple message was that there should be single minded focus on the client experience.

 She insisted that our bike shops “create a need” and be a great destination experience. Her strong strategy advice allowed us to identify our weaknesses which lead us to closing one shop and keeping the key staff. Through her strong vision we kept to “our knitting”, it has resulted in a “$250,000” turnaround on our bottom line. We now monitor our sales figures weekly and are ruthless with our costs.”

Jane Good Director – St Kilda Cycles

 “Reflecting back to the person I once was, I could have never imagined the person I am today, and the great things which I will achieve in the near future. I now see myself as a leader, coach, mentor and a friend to all the young, great students who I have volunteered my time to and worked with. This would all not have been possible, if I had not met Penny! Penny has not only been an inspiration to the person that I am, but has also equipped me with the skills and knowledge to achieve anything that I set my mind to. I am truly thankful for experiencing, first-hand, the positive impact that Penny has had on me. Thank You!”

Martin Dai Nguyen

“When I first found out about the training I was enthusiastic about discovering new skills, and I had received so much information about everything I’d be learning. I couldn’t wait to start the training. Personally, I’ve found that as well as the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve also learnt life skills that are extremely valuable to me. Penny was helpful and supported me whenever I had any questions, so I felt like I was getting the best out of the experience.

Frances Demetriou

“Before the training I had not been to school for three years and didn’t see what I could learn. I enjoyed the training because Penny was a great teacher. She was fun and never over demanding but we still got the work completed. I found the most interesting information to come from Penny’s experiences. I would recommend training with Penny to anyone who wants the edge.

Sean Littlechild

 “Since completing the training. We feel a lot more comfortable working with customers now. We know what to do in a variety of situations that we would’ve worried about had they come up without this training. We’re a lot clearer on communicating with customers. Right from the start we felt welcomed and at home. Our differences and strengths were recognized and we set to work on them straight away. It wasn’t all serious either! We shared many laughs and stories together. The skills you learn throughout the training set you up to have great customer service, fantastic organization, and a wide range of knowledge to assist you in your work and all within the space of a few months!”

Rita and Claudia Alp

 “The outcome of this course had given many benefits. This course helped me with my communication skills and how to deal with customer complaints which is an essential skill for me because I work in a fast food industry where we are constantly getting complains whether it’s about the service or the quality of the food. The thing I liked most about the training was the environment was very friendly and everyone was always willing to listen to your ideas of suggestions and also they are willing to help. 

Kathy Nguyen

 “Since I’ve met Penny Votzourakis I’ve been a much better developed character in general. She has helped me view things from a different perspective and enabled me to see that there are always positive sides to things. I felt that in the time I’ve spent together with her that she had put a lot of effort into makPenny_Illustration_BusinessmenTalkinging the learning a much more fun and enjoyable process, also going beyond to reach us and never giving up on us. Thank you Penny.”

Yong Cao