Principles of successful salespeople -week 6/6


Principle Six – BELIEFS – Your beliefs will determine your outcome

In the last five weeks we have been on a journey to discover the principles of successful salespeople. So far we have covered:

 Principle One: YOU – Your emotional state and level of skill.

Principle Two – RAPPORT – The Quality of Relationship.

Principle Three – OUTCOME  – Know what your customer wants.

Principle Four – FEEDBACK  – How will you know if you are getting the outcome you want?

Principle Five – FLEXIBILITY  – If it’s not working change what your doing.

Now lets look at the last principle of successful salespeople, being:

 Principle  Six – BELIEFS – Your beliefs will determine your outcome

 “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

 The Henry Ford quote is one of my favourites; what you believe you get.  Our beliefs affect our behaviour and how we react to different situations as they influence our behaviour.  Beliefs can be limiting or they can be empowering. Beliefs are guiding principles and when we have a particular belief, we start to notice things around us that support that belief.

 For example we say to ourself, I can’t sell, nobody wants to buy from me! The unconscious mind is starting to find evidence to support our belief. We start to act as if it was true. If we change the belief to, I am consistently working on my closing technique and customers will say yes to purchase.  Immediately the unconscious has a positive intention and it starts to look for evidence to support it.

 Our language is an essential part of the process we use to understand the world and express our beliefs. So we must ensure our language is the language of success.

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