“The greatest Leaders Don’t Rule They Inspire”

Lead the team and the team will follow. Earn respect with your actions and your words. Reach goals by coaching employees to reach their peak performance. Be positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, respectful and patient.
As an effective leader get the workers what they need to do their jobs well, it may be tools, time, instruction, answers to questions, and protection from outside interference.
Respect them, respect their rights as employees and human beings. It’s important to work with them, you are all part of a team if they do well you do well.
Everyone has a need to achieve, they want to learn and they want to contribute to the end result. Everyone wants to be challenged, when handing out tasks match the person to the job and most importantly stretch them sometimes they may need guidance it’s about the journey they take that’s where the learnings are.
Create an atmosphere which encourages staff to share ideas, the greatest leaders listen and ask great quality questions. It’s okay to sometimes get it wrong, admit to the mistake, fix it and learn from it. You don’t have to always get it right you need to look like your human.
Most importantly have FUN.

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