The Power of a Smile…


photo courtesy of Kevin Schmitz

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’re angry or anxious? Your face is probably red and scrunched up, with the wrinkles on your forehead quite visible. How do you feel when you are around angry and unhappy people?

You have the power to change someone else’s state by being in a good mood and smiling. I know it sounds too simple, but a smile can change the outcome o
f any interaction. What usually happens is that subconsciously the other person will match your body language. Emotions are contagious. Give it a try. Walk along the street and start smiling at people and see if they smile back and say hello.

When we smile our mood immediately rises. And guess what? There is a name for this: facial feedback hypothesis. The effect of smiling has been studied at Yale, with the research proving that being around happy people can elevate your mood.

Better customer service starts with the team, and then transcends to the customer. So before you enter the workplace, check your face. Something as simple as smiling can transform your business, increase your sales, and create a better work environment.

Written by Penny Votzourakis

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