We make our best decisions logically, or do we?

You’re in a store; you have decided you are going to buy a new lounge suite. You have been to many stores and have seen so many couches you are delirious by now.You have narrowed it down to two but you can’t decide. The first thing you say to yourself is “Think logically and reasonably.”

Well, what if I was to say you’re wrong? We actually think better by feeling. I am going to get a little technical here, so stay with me. There is a small part of the brain, which receives stimuli, it emotionally feels what’s right then it triggers a response. This brain structure is called the amygdala; it is an almond-shaped mass of grey matter that sits in the brains temporal lobe. It is the receptor for all stimuli that reaches the brain and makes its own “feeling” decision. It then actions or it sends the information to the cerebral cortex for laborious rational evaluation.

Okay, so we came out of that still in one piece.Now let’s go back to which couch we want to buy!All you will need to do is to make the decision based on your emotions; which one do you really love? Which one will suit your lifestyle? Which one makes you feel good when you sit in it? More importantly, which one says, “Come and sit on me”?

When you’re in the business of sales it is important to know that people will make the best decisions based on emotions. Remember as you proudly stand there blurting out all the features and showing you have such great product knowledge, you notice their eyes starting to glaze over. STOP! Remember “people buy based on emotion”, talk to them more about how those features will enhance their life and make them feel good. You will not only get the sale more often than not, most importantly you also get a client for life.

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