ZARA, too successful to give follow up service

When is it that a company is so successful that they feel the customer is not important. Shopping in Athens we had an issue with a top that had been purchased
and worn once. When we went in with the receipt and our problem t-shirt we were told we had created the issue and there was nothing that could be done. I had 4 18year old
staff members stand around telling me we had caused the issue.
When I asked for head offices number they gave us a contact. As we left the store we were treated like criminals by the staff and the security guard because we had dared to question the quality. (let me say we had spent a considerable amount of money in their stores throughout Athens.
We told our story to the assistant of the national manager, and she would call us back. There was no phone call or follow up service.
So we no longer shopped in Zara Greece, (we gave in when we got to Paris though) not that the service was any better and I was actually giving them my money.
So when you’re ZARA and you are so successful and have a good range of clothing (quality questionable at times) is customer service not part of the business model?
Why do we still shop there is there no alternative?

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Thursday October 11, 2012 at 7:47 am ⋅ penny
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